Fitness Induction

Aspiration Finder

We discover your fitness aspiration and create a workout schedule on your interest.


Individuals who want to burn calories, manage their body weight and tone their muscles to change the shape of their bodies.


Individuals who are looking to relax and de-stress, increase body awareness and achieve balance between body and mind.


Individuals who exercise regularly to improve their everyday well-being, believing that activity enhances health and quality of life.


Individuals who like challenges and are conscious that their physical presence is a key ingredient in achieving success and status.


People who want to enjoy movement, try something new and interact with other people.


Individuals who want to improve their sporting performance through indoor and outdoor workouts.

Grid Analysis

Without posture education, people would continue to slump over their computers, slouch in their seats and decrease in height, never knowing that a proper fitness program could prevent this. Parents correct children to stand or sit up straight when chances are, they themselves do not demonstrate good posture or even know why it is important. It is doubtful they were ever informed about repetitive faulty movements and the effects that tight, weak muscles combined with gravity have on the body. A posture assessment screening program educates and informs members of posture deviations. It stresses what “good posture” really means and where they should focus in workouts to achieve desired results. Members need to know that specific exercise programs designed for their posture can create subtle changes over time. Reprogramming faulty posture patterns can improve appearance, movement and decrease pain. Becoming informed and aware initiates the momentum for change to happen.

Level of Trainers

Fitness Coach levels

Fitness Coaches levels will be designed by star (1 to 5). Each category of star trainer will hold certain specialties

1 star Fitness Coach are specialized in basic foundation training in (Cardio endurance, Strength, Flexibility, Core conditioning)

2 star Fitness Coach are specialized in Strength and conditioning, Movement based training

3 star Fitness Coach are specialized in Posture analysis, Corrective exercise, Body Transformation

4 star Fitness Coach are specialized in over all fitness and wellness (Nutrition, Special population, Anti aging, Injury prevention, Rehabilitation)

5 star Fitness Coach are specialized in over all fitness expertise. They are (wellness coach, lifestyle changer and performance specialties with respect to various goals and results).